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waterdragon energy with nautico fountainsWATER DRAGON
The use of well and ponds plays a big role in classical Feng Shui.
The draught developer is a long-standing Feng Shui Consultant with knowledge of the water dragon.
The calculation of watercourses is a own field in Feng Shui.
Every building has on account of his location, his architecture and interior decoration a certain energy. This can be raised with water objects in certain positions substantially.
As a long-standing adviser and professional feng shui consultant in interior area I work even today in privately and business locations. Nautico Fountains can be used to pull strength and relaxation in different buildings. It is my passion to find out wich shape, colour and position is for you the best.
You can send me a email and i will support you in this kind of knowldedge in classical Feng Shui.
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Lo Pan

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